Comunicación con Animales Trascendidos

Animals in Spirit

“When you have the fortune to share your life with animal companions, they give you wonderful, special and unforgettable moments, giving you all their unconditional love throughout their existence, leaving at the end one of the most difficult moments for both of you, their departure.
When you say goodbye you know that every second of your life together was worth it and you would repeat it a thousand times… “

– Erika Apellániz

When our beautiful companion animals pass away

The pain for the death of our animal companions or for having to say goodbye, due to euthanasia, are one of the most difficult moments we go through when we share our lives with them.

Going through the grieving process can become very lonely, and sometimes very difficult for the people around us to understand, even for our own family or friends, since for some it may mean “it’s just an animal, it’s just a pet ”, but for us they represent a loving being of our family, with whom we shared our life, our day, our happiness, even our difficult moments.

The loss of our pet is the loss of our companion, our friend, brother, sister or even our children and that is why such intense pain is felt and we feel emptiness, since they occupy a very important place in our lives and in our family.

Many times we wonder if our animals are fine, if they have painful memories, if they suffered, if they have any resentment or we also seek to ask their forgiveness for the things we think we could do differently.

We can ask your animal companions, all these questions and any additional questions that you may have, through Animal in Spirit Communication.

These sessions are made with love and help the family and their animal companions to have a communication, where they can heal and release feelings that are affecting them and also to be able to give a voice to the pain, the memories, and the love, that you have between each other.

“Love is eternal, they will always live in our hearts.”

If you are interested, schedule an Animal in Spirit Communication online session here. You can also download the free eBook “How to prepare yourself for an Animal in Spirit Communication session.”

I also recommend the following readings that have helped me in my own grieving processes: “The Rainbow Bridge” and the poems “Remember me”, “When Tomorrow Starts without Me”, “I never left” and “I’m Really There “.

What is the price of an Animal In Spirit Communication session?

The price of an online session varies according to the duration of the therapy. To select the best duration for you, please consider the number of questions that you have for your beloved animal companion:

30 minutes animal communication

30 minutes session

Value: $25 USD

60 minutes animal communication

60 minutes session

Value: $50 USD

90 minutes session

Value: $75 USD

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Don’t forget to download the free ebook with the guide on how to prepare yourself for an Animal in Spirit Communication session

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