Animal Communication

Animal Communication

The communication between species is a communication bridge between the person and their animal companion, which is done in the Theta brain state through an energetic connection.

Through the animal communication, I can share to you how your animal companions feel about some issue or condition, if there is something that they would like to be changed, what it is what your animal companions like and make them happy or involve them in any important decision, among many more things. And, if necessary, any illness, shock and/or trauma from events or situations can be healed at an energetic level through Thetahealing.

Communication can be done with any animal species, from domestic animals such as dogs, cats, birds, parrots, fish or farm animals such as horses, pigs, cows, as well as any other animal species.

How is the communication received?

It is done through all the senses, receiving images, sensations, emotions, feelings, messages, sounds, smells, tastes, even how the animal perceives the pain or physical symptoms of a disease from its own perspective.

What can you ask to your animal companions with Interspecies Communication?

  • How they feel emotionally and physically
  • If they have a disease, we can ask what are the symptoms that they feel in their bodies
  • If there is something they would like to be changed
  • If there is something they would like to do more frequently
  • What do they think of their food
  • If they like their daycare or pet sitter
  • If they had a difficult event, we can ask how they experienced it and help them heal
  • What is the life mission that they have with their family
  • If there is any message they want to tell to their family
  • And even, involve them in any important decision, such as sterilization, a change in their lives or euthanasia
  • Among many more questions that you want to ask them…

In this video you will find a summary of all these questions that you can ask to your animal companions.

Remember that you can also ask them all the additional questions you need.

Interspecies communications help you both, on one side it help your companion animals to be heard and on the other side it helps you to have a greater peace of mind when knowing the perspectives and needs of your animals, helping their well-being.

So what does a Professional Interspecies Communicator do?

In summary, we are a communication bridge between you and your animal companion.

We share all the information that your animal companion provides us regarding the questions that you have.

This will help you so that you can know from their perspective:

  • what they feel emotionally and physically,
  • if they suffered in any event, how they experienced it, so that we can help them heal,
  • if they have any medical conditions, what are their symptoms and,
  • if there is anything that they would like to change in their life for their well-being.

What we seek as Animal Communicators is the welfare of animals and their families. We do it for the love we have for them.

What is the price of an Animal Communication session?

The price of the online session varies according to the duration of the therapy. To select the best duration for you, please consider the number of questions that you have for your beloved animal companion and, the number of animal companions that you wish to communicate with in the same session:

Booking time Animal Communication Therapy 25 minutes

25 Minutes Session

Value: $600 MXN Mexican pesos or $33 USD dollars

Recommended for sessions in which we communicate with a single animal companion, where a few specific questions are asked.

Booking time Animal Communication therapy 50 minutes

50 Minutes Session

Value: $1,200 MXN Mexican pesos or $66 USD dollars

Recommended for sessions in which we communicate with one or two animal companions in the same session, where a greater number of questions are asked, with the purpose to go in depth into the topics that you choose.

Are you interested in booking a session to talk with your animal companions?

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Do you have questions?

Check the Frequently Asked Questions, you will find the following information:

  • Prices and payment methods.
  • Process to schedule an online session, either through WhatsApp or through this page.
  • And many more questions…

Don’t forget to download the free ebook with the guide on how to prepare yourself for a Communication with Animals session

Which are my certifications in Animal Communication?

  • Certified Professional Animal Communicator
  • Teacher of the Basic Animal Communication Course

I am certified by Interspecies School of Daniela Camino. In the following link you can find the list of all Certified Professional Animal Communicators

“The path of life is better when you share it with a beautiful animal companion.”

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